Mid-Week Motivation 06/12/2024

Stop Reacting; Start Planning

“Stop reacting; start planning”. 

What does that mean?

We are a very reactive culture these days.

We are incredibly impulsive and make decisions based on our emotions.

These impulsive, reactive decisions often get us hurt, in trouble, or worse. 

If we want to put ourselves in a better position in life, we are going to have to stop being so emotionally charged and reactive. 

Instead of reacting to what someone says, does, or posts, try planning your response ahead of time.

Planning our reactions ahead of time will cut out the emotional reactions we make impulsively in the moment. 

When someone says ___________ to me, I am going to say ___________.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, I am going to ___________.

When someone is rude to me, I will __________.

Start planning out proper ways to respond to all the situations that you know get you emotional and more likely to do or say something impulsive.

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