Mid-Week Motivation 06/19/2024

Be a Producer, Not a Parasite

“Be a producer, not a parasite”. 

What does that mean?

A parasite is something whose sole purpose is to take.

Parasites take and take and take while contributing next to nothing. 

Most people in modern society are like parasites; they take from others and contribute next to nothing themselves. 

We need to be more fruitful and contribute to the world and people around us rather than constantly taking from everyone and everything else.

Become a producer and give something back to the world instead of being a parasite and always taking. 


It is much easier to be a parasite because it requires minimal work and effort; the world is constantly feeding you.

I want to challenge you today to put in the work and effort necessary to be a producer. 

Find something in this world that you can contribute to. 

Instead of taking other people’s joy, produce some joy of your own.

Instead of taking handouts, reach a hand out to others. 

Being a producer is a lot more difficult that being a parasite, but it is also much more rewarding to you and everyone around you.

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