Mid-Week Motivation 02/07/2024

Turning Trauma into Testimony

“Everyone has experienced trauma, but it is up to us to turn that trauma into a testimony that can be used to help other people”.

What does that mean?

If you are a living, breathing human being, you have experienced some sort of trauma. 

Whether you have personally lived through and experienced trauma first-hand, or if someone you know experienced a traumatic event and you are a witness to it second-hand. 

The point is, trauma is a part of our everyday lives, but we do not use that trauma in the ay we should. We often times allow that trauma to control us instead of using that trauma for the good of ourselves and others. 

The trials, tribulations, and traumatic experiences we have survived in our lives were meant to be used as a testimony to help others through the same situations.

Our traumatic experiences are often times unique, but they share similar themes with the traumatic experiences other people have to endure. 

If you made it through to the other side and allowed that trauma to teach you something, it is your duty to be vulnerable and share your testimony with someone else who is struggling with something similar. 

Share the tools, knowledge, and wisdom that helped get you through your most difficult fights. 

One of the worst things about trauma is that it causes you to feel alone, isolated, scared, and confused. You can tear all of that down by being there for other people during their difficult life journeys. 

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