Mid-Week Motivation 02/14/2024

Love Yourself Well

“Love yourself well; you can’t properly love someone else until you learn to properly love yourself. “.

What does that mean?

Today is Valentine’s Day and the word “love” is being thrown around all over the place. 

We love our significant other, our favorite food/restaurant, our favorite car, etc.; however, do we love ourselves? 

I am not talking about being narcissistic or self-obsessed, I am talking about valuing who you are and what you are capable of. 

If you do not learn how to properly love yourself, you will never successfully love others or be accepting of love from others.

Taking care of yourself and your own mental/physical health and wellbeing is very important. 

We were all created for a purpose and we all have skills and talents that other people do not have. 

We can be proud of what we have accomplished and achieved without being prideful and arrogant. 

Take some time today to show yourself some love. You deserve it. 

Once you begin to better love yourself, you will find it is much easier to be loved by others and take compliments as well.

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