Mid-Week Motivation 09/27/2023

Stop Speaking Death

“Stop speaking death over what you want to see happen in your life!”

What does that mean?

We are so quick to jump to a negative, pessimistic outlook on what we want to see happen. 

We say things like “I don’t deserve this”, “This will never happen”, “This won’t work out”, or any other variation of those. 

If we want something to happen, why are we so quick to kill it before it has a chance to? 

It is time to start speaking out of faith that what we want to see happen will, in fact, come to pass!

There is nothing wrong with being hopeful, faithful, and optimistic. In fact, you will likely find you have a better mindset when you shift from speaking death over things to speaking life over them. 

There is enough negativity in this world as it is, there is no need for us to add to that.   

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