Mid-Week Motivation 04/03/2024

Pride Prevents Progress

“Pride Prevents Progress”.

What does that mean?

Pride is something we all struggle with much more than we would like to admit. 

Part of being prideful is being unwilling to accept your own weaknesses and shortcomings.  

We are a very selfish society, and many people carry a “my way or the highway” mentality.

We often times believe the lie that we deserve what we have because we worked hard to accomplish, achieve, and acquire it. We are quick to think we are the only ones who have it all together; we believe that everyone else is doing everything else wrong unless they adopt the way that we do things. 

What would happen if we swallowed our pride and entertain the idea that other people may know more than we do? 

Being prideful prevents society from progressing because we neglect the experiences of other people. 

The world is filled with people who were raised differently than we were, taught different than we were, and experienced life different than we did. 

If we remain prideful, we are saying that no one can do what I do as well as I do with as much success as I have. 

Pride is being apathetic to the people around us, their experiences, and their wisdom. 

If we want to properly progress as a society, we must put away our pride, utilize empathy, and give room to the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of other people who may know better than we do. 

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