Mid-Week Motivation 12/13/2023

Find Your Walking Stick

Find Your Walking Stick!

What does that mean?

While out hiking not too long ago, one of my fellow hikers was saying she didn’t think she could have made it up a steep incline if not for the walking stick she brought. 

This small interaction was huge to me! How many times do we struggle to climb the mountains in life because we do it without a walking stick? 

Now, of course I don’t mean an actual, physical walking stick. What I am talking about is someone or something to lean on that provides us with the extra support we need to overcome the mountains in our lives.  

We all need someone or something to help keep us steady as we tackle life’s many challenges.

For some people, a physical human being is their support: a friend, coworker, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, cousin, etc. 

For other people, they rely on something more spiritual like God and the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes people have multiple “walking sticks” that help them better navigate the up-hill battles of life. 

While you can’t rely on someone or something else in life to carry you through difficult seasons, you can always grab onto a “walking stick” to help make things a little easier; find your walking stick! 

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