Mid-Week Motivation 03/06/2024

Done Dealing with Drama

“Done dealing with drama”.

What does that mean?

Drama has become a large part of our lives these days, but we all agree that it isn’t healthy. 

No one likes being talked about behind their back; however, we are just as quick to do the same to others.

We have allowed drama to consume our lives; we would rather talk about why someone hasn’t been around lately rather than actually check on them.

It is time to we finally say we have had enough of drama.

It is time to be done with drama.

The power of life and death lies with the tongue; use your words to encourage instead of tearing people down.


We may not be able to stop other people from trying to start drama, but we do not have to be party to it. We definitely do not have to start it ourselves.

People have enough going on as it is. There is no need for us to waste our time worrying about other people or talking about their weakest moments on repeat. 

Take time today to cut out the drama and start speaking life and encouragement to other people instead.  

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