Mid-Week Motivation 02/28/2024

Consistency is Key

“Successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally”. – Craig Groeschel

What does that mean?

Most people fail because they are impatient. They do not put in the time, effort, and grit necessary to see success.

We are so conditioned to focus on the short-term; we put in effort until we do not see the results we want quickly. Then we give up.

What separates great, successful people from everyone else? 


Succcesful people realize that they must be consistent and persistent, even if they don’t see success right away.


You may not see success right away; honestly, it is VERY rare for someone to start something and see immediate success. 

To see success, you must be consistent. You must put in the time, effort, and grit required to see a successful outcome. 

Don’t give up because it’s taking too long.

Don’t stop trying because it isn’t convenient. 

Successful people consistently push past convenience to see the success they long for. 

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