Mid-Week Motivation 10/20/2023

Competitive Advantage

“Positivity is a competitive advantage!”

– Jon Gordon & Jon Acuff

What does that mean?

The world is filled with negativity everywhere you look. When you choose to be positive, you will stand out! 

Approaching life with a positive mindset may feel unnatural at times, but it has many benefits over remaining negative 24/7. 

When you show up to work, school, or home with a positive attitude, you already have a step-up on everyone else. 

Positive people are noticed more, hired more, promoted more, and have more success in most areas of life (just trust us!)  

Positivity helps you stand out amongst the competition and receive more (and better) opportunities!

Approaching every day and every opportunity with hope and positivity will motivate and encourage you as you work on your goals. 

Don’t allow the world, the news, your coworkers, your friends, or your family’s negativity flood your life with doubt and cause you to miss out on success and opportunities. 

Choose to be different, choose to be better, choose to be positive! 

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