Mid-Week Motivation 11/08/2023

Thankful for Failure

“Be thankful when you fail, be thankful when things don’t go according to plan”.

What does that mean?

Failure often gets a bad reputation. Failure causes us to get mad, frustrated, and angry; however, what if we flipped the script on that? What if we started being thankful when things didn’t work out?

Crazy, right? I don’t think so!

Failure teaches us, corrects us, and disciplines us. When we don’t get the outcome we wanted, we have to trust there is a reason behind it. 

What if we didn’t get what we wanted when we wanted it because it was protecting us from something or preparing us for something? 

What if failure was meant to protect and prepare us?

What if you were running late for work to protect you from an accident? 

What if you didn’t get the job because there was a better option coming soon?

What if you didn’t win so it would push you to be better? 

What if that relationship didn’t work out because there was someone better who wouldn’t hurt you as badly? 

What if you go sick and couldn’t go out and you didn’t get robbed or assaulted?

Those are a lot of examples, but they all say the same thing; sometimes things don’t work out for your benefit. Sometimes your plans have to fail so that you can succeed. 

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