Mid-Week Motivation 08/09/2023

Set yourself up for success

“Set yourself up for success: load the bases at night so you can hit a grand slam in the morning”. – Nicholas Sullivan

What does that mean?

Mornings are tough for a lot of people, but when every day is a chance to be better and move better than the day before, we need to set ourselves up to be as successful as possible. 

In baseball, when you have a teammate on each of the three bases you have the chance to hit a home run and score 4 runs instead of just one, often pushing a team ahead big time and setting them up to win!

We should treat our lives in a similar way if we can. One way to do that would be to make sure you have as much done the night before so your morning will be easier and much less stressful. 

Make your lunch at night before work, take a shower at night instead of in the morning, sit your clothes out at night so you aren’t wasting time deciding what to wear in the morning, and any other activities that you can think of to help you save time and stress in the morning. 

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today!


Getting stuff done the night before frees you up for all sorts of things in the morning:

  • Time to go to the gym.
  • Prayer time.
  • More sleep.
  • Less to worry about as you get the kids ready for school.
  • The ability to eat breakfast.
  • And more!

Take some time today to make a list of things you can do at night to help save you time, effort, and stress every single morning. 

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