Mid-Week Motivation 07/26/2023

Think Before You React

“Think it through and weight your reaction; how heavy are the consequences?” – Nicholas Sullivan

What does that mean?

We live in a highly reactive culture; people do not often think anything through or consider the consequences. 

We as human beings are prone to emotional outbursts, and we very rarely stop to think before we say something, do something, or post something. 

The words we speak and the actions we take have heavier consequences than we often realize. 

When we make descions or say something while emotional (happy, sad, angry, scared, etc.), we run the risk of experiencing a regrettable reaction.

We have all made impulse purchases that we have regretted.

We have all said something to someone and regretted it afterwards.

We have all taken part in a risky behavior that had regrettable consequences.

Before you make a decision, before you post that comment, before you make that purchase, before you yell at someone, before you do anything – stop and think it through first. 

The world would be a better place if we slowed down a little, better utilized empathy, and made kinder, more rational decisions.

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