Mid-Week Motivation 04/24/2024

Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

“Comfortable with the Uncomfortable”.

What does that mean?

We are all comfortable with some part of our lives. 

We typically eat the same food at the same places, talk to the same people, listen to the same music, watch the same shows and movies, and follow the same routine almost every day. 

Being comfortable isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you think about what you might be missing out on by staying comfortable. 

Staying comfortable means you might miss out on being good at or enjoying other things you’ve never tried before. 

We need to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable if we want to grow and acheive more than the limits we’ve put on ourselves.

Getting uncomfortable simply means stepping out of your comfort zone to try and experience something new and unfamiliar. 

Uncomfortable can be scary. We don’t know what to expect or what might happen, but what if we turned that fear into excitement? 

What if we started seeing unfamiliar situations and opportunities as an exciting chance to be better and experience a better life than the one we were comfortable with? 

Turn fear into excitement. Turn failure into growth. Turn confusing into a challenge. Turn comfortable into uncomfortable. 

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