Our Services

Changing the way people live and think

Holistic, Person-Centered Treatment

Our clients are adults with poly-substance abuse disorder who may also have chronic or urgent medical and mental health disorders. We strive to provide, non- judgmental, non-biased, trauma-informed care for our clients.

Detox with Residential Treatment

We provide medical withdrawal management and comfort medications for detoxification. Residential Treatment lasts 28-30 days and provides a time to heal, learn about addiction and gain the tools to maintain long-term sobriety.

Healthy Life Training

Clients receive classes on disease management, nutrition, and how to take care of themselves and live life without drugs and alcohol.

Relapse Prevention Planning

Clients take an active role in creating their life in recovery through treatment and relapse prevention planning.

PICC Line Accessible

We are equipped to provide substance abuse treatment for those in congestive heart failure and addiction. Oftentimes, addiction can prevent someone from being able to receive a life-saving transplant, we can help you get your life back and recover, one step at a time.

Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Program

IOP includes 12 hours of clinically facilitated groups each week and OP includes 3 hours of clinically facilitated group sessions each week in community living, plus the following services:
• 12-Step Meetings and Sponsorship
• Peer Support Specialists
• Case Management
• Employment Opportunities
• GED Program

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